Who Is Pizza Party?

Sam Lowy and Michael Margetis have been performing together for the past sixteen years… seriously.

Having met on the set of a low budget and oddly sexual children’s camp comedy directed by John Travolta’s brother (Arizona Summer) in September of 2002, they were determined to collaborate together, even at twelve years of age. They never did.

Five long years passed, and eventually the boys were entering their freshman year at Arizona State University where they began performing in ASU’s legendary improv and sketch comedy troupes, Barren Mind and Farce Side. While performing below a Taco Bell, Sam and Mike also competed in the National College Improv Tournament where they were West Coast Champions two years in a row.

After only a few years of ASU Comedy, the two helped create some of the best independent troupes in the Valley including Marvin’s Room (once starring Joel Dauten of Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here and that one AT&T commercial), Dawson’s Queef and ultimately, Pizza Party.

Sam and Mike have performed across the country in festivals such as San Fransisco Sketch Fest, The Del Close 72-Hour Marathon, Bird City and Big Pine, as well as theatres like Second City Hollywood and UCB New York.

Pizza Party has found its success not just because these boys love comedy, but because they love each other. And they celebrate that love with a big greasy slice of improv… with extra pepperoni.