2023 Lineup

Who IsRoss Childs?

Ross Childs has been improvising, singing, and performing comedy in and around the country for the better part of the last decade. He moved to Chicago after graduating from Lousiana State University with a Bachelor’s in Theatre. Since then, he has studied at iO, The Annoyance, and The Second City. He has been playing comedy music for the better part of a decade, releasing his debut album “Kazoology” in 2018. not recording and performing his music, he’s writing and performing theater with his friends in the company BYOTproductions. He’s a founding member of the Chicago-based sketch comedy team, “Waffle Junkies”, as well as the improv team “Flynn Tin Tin.”   You can hear Ross’s music on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, and all online music repositories. He is on the FuMP (Funny Music Project), and his tunes have been featured on The Dr. Demento Radio Show!