Who Is Lindsay Glazer?

Lindsay Glazer is a stand-up comedian, voice-over artist, writer, lawyer, and expert witness who was recently named one of Florida’s Funniest Comedians. Regularly touring the country performing in major comedy clubs she’s shared the stage with Jim Florentine, Russel Peters, DC Benny, Mike Vecchione, and Mitch Fatel. She’s been seen at Gilda’s Laugh Fast, Asheville Comedy Festival, North Carolina Comedy Festival, and the Sacramento Comedy Festival to name a few. In addition to being on Comedy Central’s Sit N’ Spin she WON her round at the US comedy contest in 2019. On the screen, she’s been seen on “Burn Notice”, “Court TV” and on her own YouTube channel with weekly videos as “Alpha Bitch.”   Lindsay’s comedy is inspired by her sassy but brilliant six-year-old daughter, Daniella and her experience as a successful Trial Lawyer. It’s been proven the more laughs you get per minute with a jury, the more likely you are to win a case. You can hear her on several podcasts spouting her comedic take on legal cases.   Currently she is working on finishing her book called, “Am I  Fucking Zen yet?”, recording an album and raising her daughter. She currently lives with her daughter, husband, nanny, dog and whoever needs a free place to stay in Florida or LA.