In August of last year, Jazmyn quit her full time, six-figure job to do stand up comedy full time. After working in corporate America for six years, on the brink of another promotion, she was at a fork in the road. She had been doing comedy almost five years and it was the ONLY side hustle that she had ever started and continued for that long – with damn near no pay. Jazmyn knew that if she stayed at my corporate job she would settle and would never reach her goals in comedy.

Today, Jazmyn’s comedy is showcased on Amazon Prime Video, she just filmed a set for Revolt TV, she opens for Comedian Faizon Love, she has performed at festivals all across the country, she’s getting booked (and paid, yasss) across the country and she started her own YouTube channel so that people that connect with her can follow her journey.

Comedy is a long long long long journey and she is just getting started but she’s enjoying the ride.