2023 Lineup

Who IsJoshua Emerson?

Joshua Emerson is a Navajo comedian, writer, and actor, based in Denver and one of the founding members of the award-winning DeadRoom Comedy. Joshua approaches comedy with a trademarked volume and energy. He tackles emotionally charged subjects like race, mental health, and love. Joshua is a man of duality being biracial, bipolar, and born a Gemini.
Growing up, Natives were the funniest people in Joshua’s life. So much contemporary Indigenous art is angry or sad; justly so. However, Joshua has made it a life pursuit to let as many non-natives know how large a part humor plays in Indigenous culture.
Joshua has a degree in Economics from Fort Lewis College and serves as the Co-Chair for the Denver American Indian Commission. He lives at home with his partner, Rachel, and his dog, Lola.