Big Pine Comedy Festival

SEPTEMBER 26th–28th, 2024 • CHANDLER, AZ

What is big pine?

A little bit about what we do

Big Pine Comedy Festival is committed to enriching the arts community through the celebration of live art and entertainment. Big Pine Comedy Festival is dedicated to:

Community participation enables Big Pine to reach wider audiences, equip new artists with tools and performance experience, and introduce the public to the beauty of performance and live art. We invite you to get involved and make a considerable difference in the arts community. Big Pine offers opportunities for business promotion, marketing opportunities, and volunteering. For any questions regarding Big Pine community involvement please contact us here.

​We look forward to laughing with you!

What do others think?

Thoughts from previous festival performers

Now this is a festival worth doing! I credit this festival as one of the most important things I've done for my career. Thanks to Big Pine, I've made some really valuable industry connections and, more importantly, some lifelong friends. Big Pine is uniquely focused on creating a great artist experience - the shows are great, the hangs are super fun, and you will get a chance to know industry professionals in a more personal way than other festivals are able to provide.

At Big Pine I was connected with industry professionals and booked work, which has since led me to more work - I understand this matters to all of us, and let me assure you, they have that covered. But what makes Big Pine even better than other festivals I have done is the way the environment fostered allowed us to all come together as comedians and bond over those few days together. I met people from all over the country that I still remain in contact with, and we are all quick to help one another whenever visiting each other's necks of the woods. Hillary and Brian are the kind of community builders we need in the standup comedy world, and everyone should be emulating them.

I can't say enough about Big Pine. The staff, the venue, the industry.…all amazing! The best part for me was meeting and sharing the stage with such incredible talent. Thank you for having me!

I first performed in big pine in October 2021, and it was one of the best experiences I've had in comedy. It was so fun meeting other comics and networking, but it also drastically changed my career; I gained so many useful tips and insight on how to elevate the business side of my comedy. I highly recommend this festival to everyone! Also the lip sync battle is iconic.