Our team has been fortunate to form relationships with some of the nation’s top industry, and know that we would not be who we are today without them. Each year, Big Pine Comedy Festival is blessed with an outstanding group of visiting industry. These individuals volunteer their time, in an effort to nurture and scout upcoming artists and performers. The opportunities and experiences they have offered Big Pine performers is priceless, and we could not be more grateful

Danielle Alfano

Booker for The Comedy Catch and Lookout Comedy Festival in Chattanooga, TN

Nicole Blaine

Owner/Curator of The Crow Comedy Club

Robert E Lee & Kelsey Borlan

Co-Founders, Laugh After Dark

Jennifer Canfield

Owner Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club in Sacramento, CA

JJ Cassiere

Partner / Agent 33&West

Ryan Cott

Managing Partner - JTP

Chris Crew

Booker at Comedy House New Orleans, Creator of Hell Yes Fest, Author of "How to Build a Comedy Scene from Scratch"

Casey Currier

Mic Drop Comedy/Mic Drop MANIA

Naela Durrani

Casting Producer: America's Got Talent, The Gong Show, Alter Ego, The Parent Test, I Can See Your Voice

Geoff Grooms

Support Booker at Mic Drop Comedy (SD)

Hillary Hutson

Mic Drop Mania, Mic Drop Comedy, Laughs Unlimited

Cris Italia

The Stand Group / Witz Comedy TV

Chuck Johnson

President; Summit Comedy, Inc.

Brian Kearley

Broken Drift Productions/Big Pine Comedy Festival

Cyrus Mehrfar

Improv Booker

Mikey Perry

Support Booker at Mic Drop Comedy and Mic Drop Mania

Tom Simes

Owner Stir Crazy Comedy Club

Ronn Vigh

Booker: Punch Line San Francisco, Punch Line Sacramento, Cobb's Comedy Club

Dr.Shika Myrickes & Dorian Myrickes

Broker & Booking Agent of CAAM Talent Agency

Michelle "Chelle T" Turner

Owner | Talent Agent of 2 Real Entertainment

Charlie Sotelo

SXSW Comedy